When I saw that our layover was in Rome, I couldn't have been more excited! Even though I know we would be stuck in the airport for 2 hours it's still Rome right? Our first layover was in Miami and we flew Alitalia and I guess I didn't realize that we were flying an Italian… Continue reading I WENT TO ITALY….KINDA



Zdravo priijatyelijoo! If you're reading this that means I'm in the process of making a very long (18 hour) journey to Serbia!!! I haven't told many people but for the next  two weeks I'll be participating in a cultural exchange with other delegates from my school. I'm so excited and thankful for such a unique… Continue reading I’M GOING TO SERBIA

MLK Day in Birmingham

I've found that going to school in Alabama definitely has it perks, especially when it comes to visiting historical sights. I'm guilty of placing Atlanta at the center of the Civil Rights Movement but so much happened in Birmingham and really Alabama in general. This past Sunday (also Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday), I… Continue reading MLK Day in Birmingham