Our first day trip was to Smederervo to visit a high school. But before we got there we had to wait at the bus station where I had a run in with an elderly man who was 2 seconds away from running off with my bus ticket.  When we got to the high school, it… Continue reading DAY TRIP TO SMEDEREVO



After a 18 hours of flying, we finally made it to Belgrade in the early evening. We were originally supposed to have a group dinner together at a traditional Serbian restaurant but after 12 pieces of lost luggage and hours of waiting at the airport, everyone was just ready to go to the hotel. We… Continue reading BELGRADE

Photo Gallery: ATL Protest

"This could be one of the great Trojan horses." - Donald Trump  Aside from Atlanta being a city full of immigrants and refugees, we're all still really mad that he said our beloved home is "in horrible shape and falling apart." On Sunday January 29th, hundreds of people gathered at the airport to protest Trump's… Continue reading Photo Gallery: ATL Protest