For years and years, I’ve been talking about moving to France and one sunny Monday afternoon that dream slowly started to turn into a reality.

Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF) is a program sponsored by the French Ministry of National Education that brings Americans over to assist in English classrooms. I first learned about TAPIF as a junior in high school after googling: “Things you can do with a French major.” TAPIF sounded like my dream job, I mean, who doesn’t want to be paid to live in France for 7 months? Even though I didn’t end up pursing a major in French, I still knew that one day I wanted to do this program so I applied during my last year of college.

I worked and stressed for months over my application and then anxiously waited for months until decisions came out. Eventually, after being waitlisted for a month I received my placement! I was just about to take a nap since I had been up since 6 AM for my early morning French Phonetics exam earlier that day when I got an email from the Embassy and absolutely FREAKED out.

by the beach

Besançon wasn’t on my preference list but I’m so excited to live somewhere new and learn all I can about the city’s history and culture. I wanted to be placed somewhere that was somewhat close to Paris (I’ll be a two and a half hour train ride away) but still small enough to where I wouldn’t be surrounded by English speakers. Even though I’ll be there as an English teaching assistant, I really want to work on my French and hopefully reach a higher level of fluency!

I know I just said the word excited but I truly am so EXCITED to start this journey and to blog all of it!

Until the next post,

Kanisha Lucille

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