I struggled with acne prone skin for so many years until I simplified my skincare routine and used more natural products. If you couldn’t already tell, Lush is my favorite skincare brand. This isn’t everything I use on my face but these are my staple skincare products!

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For cleanser, I use the Dark Angels charcoal cleanser. It’s messy but it smells really good and makes my skin feel super clean afterwards. I don’t like cleansers that foam so I really love to us this one. It’s really messy and can leave black marks in your shower and sink but they come off with water.

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The second facial wash I like is Kalamazoo. It’s marketed for bearded men but you can use it on a hairless face as well! I use this one if my skin is feeling especially dry because the consistency is almost like lotion. It doesn’t strip the oil out of your skin but is still super good for acne prone skin! It’s got pineapple juice and it smells super good. This one also doesn’t bubble up so if you like cleansers like that then this one is good for you too!

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I can’t even find the words to describe how much I LOVE coffee scrub. This stuff smells amazing (if you like the smell of coffee) and leaves your skin glowing. I like to use this in the morning before class because the strong aroma wakes me up. I’ll use it on my entire body maybe once a week but it can get very messy.

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This is the newest product in my Lush collection. I bought this mask out of desperation when I was visiting family in Michigan because for some reason my skin decided to break out. This helped clear up my face after one use. I put it on for about 20 minutes before bed and when I woke up my skin was noticeably clearer. The best part about this mask is that its self preserving so you don’t have to refrigerate it like the other masks. It has peppermint in it so it tingles on your face and feels super refreshing when you wash it off.

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As you can see, the labels on this bottle rub off super easily but this is the Eau Roma Water. It’s a toner water that has rose water as the main ingredient. I use this stuff EVERY DAY and I can notice a difference in my skin when I don’t use it. It’s best for acne prone skin and helps with soothing any itchiness or redness. I use it after cleansing my face and before I put on moisturizer. I’ll also use it throughout the day if I feel like my skin needs to be refreshed. It also just smells really good!

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Like I said, Lush bottle labels rub off super easily but this is the Grease Lightning Tea Tree Cleanser. It’s classified as a cleanser but I think of more as a serum. I use this about once a week to prevent acne and everyday if I experience a break out. I put this on in place of my moisturizer once I spray my face with toner water.

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The last product isn’t exactly “skin care” but I do use it during my skincare routine. Lip scrub was the first product I ever purchased from Lush back 4 or 5 years ago and I’ve loved using it ever since. I wear lipstick close to everyday so in order to keep my lips smooth I use this stuff. I love the popcorn flavor but I’ve also used the Bubblegum one.

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