Today is Monday and I randomly felt super motivated about everything so I decided to write a short blog post about it. First things first, I feel like Monday really has a bad repuation. Sure it’s the day that brings an end to the weekend but it’s also the start of a new week! How exctiting is that? Of course, you never have to wait until the begining of the week to start working toward your goals but knowing that a new cycle of days is starting defiitley helps keep you on track mentally.

If you’re in school like me, then you know it’s getting to THAT time of the semester. Deadlines are approaching, preperation for finals has begun, and your coffee intake is about to skyrocket. But this time of year also brings so many wonderful things like spending the holidays with your family, GOOD FOOD, cute cold weather outfits, and holiday Starbucks drinks. While life starts to get stressful, just rememebr that you’re capable of doing everything you want to in life! If you have any goals that you wanna share for this week leave them down in the comments!

Let’s all have a wonderful week!




11 thoughts on “#MONDAYMOTIVATION

  1. Nice article Kanisha. For me Monday is my day off work so I use the time now with the weather being so awesome to complete some projects at home. I do a ton of woodworking and living in Arizona this time of year is by the far best time of year to do it. I am a little discouraged that X-mas is now right around the corner but eventually I’ll start. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your schooling.

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