Our first day trip was to Smederervo to visit a high school. But before we got there we had to wait at the bus station where I had a run in with an elderly man who was 2 seconds away from running off with my bus ticket. IMG_4240

When we got to the high school, it was a little awkward because the students were shy, especially because we were all native English speakers, but they warmed up to us pretty quickly. We talked about all of our favorite tv shows, music, and movies and I found out that Serbian youth REALLY loved The Weekend and Rihanna. I wanted to hear what kind of Serbian things they enjoyed but for the most part they were obsessed with American entertainment. They even asked us if American parties were really like they are on the movies!


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When class let out for lunch we went to a nearby restaurant and had pljeskavica burgers; a common Serbian dish. After that we had gelato because no meal is complete without dessert! I think I spent about 10 minutes trying to decide which flavors would be just right in my cup and I decided on Kiwi and Plazma (a famous serbian cookie).



After walking around a bit we went to the Smederevo Fortress which was built during Medieval time. By this time I was way too tired to actually walk up it but I was told the view as nice! A few of us stayed down at the bottom to people and dog watch in the park while everyone everyone else went inside.


Smederevo, though very small and rural, is full of life and so many interesting people. (If you all are reading this I miss you!) There was also a lot of cool graffiti around the city that gave a bit of insight of what life was like in the town. As you can see below, since Smederevo is situated along the Danube River, some of the art had an aquatic theme to it which I absolute loved. I also found the dog drawing to be dedicative of Serbia since there are so many stray dogs running around the city!


If you’ve ever been to Serbia you know what I mean when I say there are stray dogs EVERYWHERE. As Americans, we tend to gravitate towards animals, especially dogs. I learned from the Serbians we were with that Serbia doesn’t have an animal control service so the dogs and cats just roam free about the country. I took a picture of this dog specifically because we was so chill around all of us while we waited in line for gelato. Not gonna lie, I was definitely thinking of ways to bring him back home with me. IMG_4244

Aside from Serbia in general, Smederevo specifically is a town I think about all of the time. It made such a huge impression on me in a matter of hours.



3 thoughts on “DAY TRIP TO SMEDEREVO

  1. Hi Kanishia, Very Interesting, I can hear your Sweet soft Voice as your telling about your Journey.. 🙂 It sounds so Amazing and The pics are Beautiful..Thank you for sharing your Journey.. I really enjoy hearing about it!! and that Lil dog, wish their was away to bring him home, thats sad that they just Roam anywhere… Thank you for sharing.. ❤ you Aunt Cathy

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