Zdravo priijatyelijoo! If you’re reading this that means I’m in the process of making a very long (18 hour) journey to Serbia!!! I haven’t told many people but for the next  two weeks I’ll be participating in a cultural exchange with other delegates from my school. I’m so excited and thankful for such a unique way to explore Serbia. I know what most of you are thinking…. Why Serbia? I had that same exact initial thought so below I have the purpose of the program.

“We aim to build bridges between US American youth and Balkan youth through cultural immersion, fulfilling service, mutual respect, and active research with hopes to foster sustained dialogue on political, social, and economic issues.”

As Americans, we typically have no clue that countries like Serbia even exist. Our focus when it comes to Europe is centered on Western countries like France and the United Kingdom but there’s so much more to the continent than the Eiffel Tower and London Eye. Now don’t get me wrong, if you know me you know that I ADORE France but I do think its important to learn about Eastern European countries as well.

While in Serbia, of course I’ll be taking a million pictures to share with all of you! I’m also going to be keeping a journal of my experiences and hopefully transfer those into blog posts!

Peace out America!


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